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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Best Buy: New Strategies for Work and Family Life

Balancing work and family life is never easy for women and men who work outside the home. Increasingly, businesses are understanding that supporting employees in balancing work with family life is not only good for families...It's good for the business bottom line. That's the way that Best Buy sees it. Best Buy has developed a program called ROWE - "results-oriented work environment" where employees can come and go as they please and work from home as long as they achieve the results the company is looking for. We think it's an interesting model that deserves attention, and especially like that it applies uniformly to salaried and hourly workers. But we have to wonder: Is ROWE simply giving people the "flexibility" to be wired into work, all the time? Decide for yourself by reading about it here:,10987,1083900,00.html

Best Buy says that ROWE has increased employee morale and enabled families to better balance work and home life, and that it's especially beneficial for parents. Other companies can look to Best Buy for ideas about how to redesign the workplace to meet the needs of families. What's your idea for how the workplace can better the workforce of today? E-mail us at